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Strategic Plan


Opportunity Works has created the following plan to govern its strategy.

We recognize that as circumstances change for Opportunity Works, this plan will need to be re-visited and revised to meet changing circumstances. The following demonstrates how Opportunity Works intends to address the needs of the people we serve.

How to Read this Plan

For the sake of clarity we have presented this plan as a series of tables designed to respond to particular areas of opportunity and challenge for the organization.

Each table contains a description of a challenge or opportunity that will be addressed, a list of actions we will take in order to address the challenge or opportunity, an explanation of what resources we will need in order to take those actions, and the outcomes we are seeking as a result of our action. The tables have been organized in this manner to ensure that the plan remains useful and widely used during its currency and to ensure that we remain accountable for Opportunity Works’ success.

Click here to read the Strategic Plan (PDF - 516 K)